Skating at Parc La Fontaine

The Adams Club went on a local excursion for some night skating on Parc La Fontaine’s natural ice rink. Team members from Tuff Schist and Stoners played a game you could loosely refer to as hockey, while others skated around and enjoyed the lights. Hot beverages (courtesy of Ashley) and dinner called an end to the night. Thanks to Sarah Bodeving for organizing this event, and thanks to Haylea Nisbet for the photo!



Christmas Party

Another EPS Christmas Party full of feasting, awarding, and singing. Faculty, staff, and undergrads were treated to a musical rendition of PhD life by the graduate students.

Thanks to Sarah Bodeving for coordinating the event, and thanks to Tim Howell for the photos!


Seminar Speaker: Dominique Weis

The Adams Club hosted our first annual guest speaker: Dr. Dominique Weis. During her visit, Dr. Weis held a 90 minute Q&A session with grad students to talk about research, academic life, and gave advice for finding postdoc or PhD positions. She also gave a talk at the department’s weekly seminar. Thanks to Dr. Weis and all the students involved for a fruitful visit.


Christmas Party

The annual EPS Christmas Party… twas a night to remember, when all through the House, all EPS was stirring, feasting and festive.

Thanks to Caroline Seyler, Cat Crotty, and Laura Lyon for coordinating the event, and thanks to Ying Ran Lin for the photos!